Lots of Lovely Layers

28 February 2009

Wearing: f21 parka; UO scarf; aldo boots; vintage purse.

Wow yesterday was in the fifties and today we got the lovely surprise of snow! I am a huge fan of the snow and all of it's beautiful glory. If it were up to me all I would do today is sit by a window and read a book. But of course with my busy schedule this never happens! A weird fact about me: when it is snowing I insist on wearing red. I just love the color of it against the bright white.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend, I am so glad I had some time to squeeze in this outfit picture in the snow. And, below are some of my favorite snow pictures.

vogue Italy

Of course, Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind.

Photo cred: We heart it

Pretty in Pink

26 February 2009

This is my most prized and treasured skirt! And also one of the only pink things I own. I just love the soft color of it, and the flower detailing. I think my style is getting a little more girly lately, which is funny because I never thought it would be again.

Anyways, Last night I went to a T.I. concert, and let me just say it was the best rap concert I've ever been to! Well actually it was the only one I've ever been to. I danced like no other last night in this dress.

Wearing: Thrifted skir, thrifted bagt; F21 lame leggings, jacket; bow from walmart; payless fioni boots

Kelley Smith Photography

24 February 2009

This girl is my dear friend and one of the most talented photographers that I have come across. Her dream-like photos are certainly eye-catching, and I could just stare at the beautiful detail and coloring of her photos all day long. I absolutly love her newest photos( the last three pictured here) and the way she captures the detailing of the clothing pictured. I recommend you see more of her work here. :)

Flower Child

23 February 2009

Although I am most definitely not ready for spring/summer's heat yet, I have been preparing. I made this headband with supplies from a craft store, and plan on wearing it on the most beautiful of days come spring.

I have been wearing a few lighter colors lately which is very strange for me. Typically the majority of my outfit is navy, gray or black, but I've been experimenting with the lights in my closet that I hardly wear. We'll see how this turns out.

wearing: Nordstrom's jean jacket & t-shirt; DIY hair accessory

True Blue

Wow, Yes it is true that I am wearing three pieces of blue. One of my favorite color combinations is the deepest of navy with the darkest of black. Anyways, I hope everyone who is an Academy Awards lover enjoyed the show. I am so ecstatic that Slum Dog Millionaire won best film of the year! Anyone who has not seen it yet, must make time to go see it.

Hope everyone has a wonderful start to your week!

Wearing: romper; fioni payless oxfords; f21 necklace, tights, flower hair accessories; jean jacket from Nordstrom's; vintage clutch.

The Floppy Hat

21 February 2009

Can you believe it is almost March? Spring is approaching faster than ever and the only item that will override my going-to-London-not-going-to-spent-any-money clause. There's something about this AA hat that I feel will fit perfectly into my wardrobe. Because what girl doesn't want to feel classy and elegant in a hat where you can hide your eyes and dream away all day. :)

wrap me in a cape

19 February 2009

Today was so sunny, yet so cold. For some reason I just cannot get used to that. So because of this, I decided to wear my warmest cape and about fifty layers underneath it. There is nothing that keeps you warmer than being all wrapped up. Also, I am finally experimenting with ripped tights. I've had these tights for a while and have been acquiring natural tears in it, but now I think they are torn enough to my taste.

Hope everyone is having a good week, and loving NYFW. Those of you who are there, I hope you are having the greatest time ever. Hopefully I'll be joining you in a year or two!

Wearing: Steve Madden Cape; F21 shoes, bag, tights; AA skirt; UO oxfords

NYFW... The Fun Continues

So, it's safe to say that I have been to style.com about fifty times this week looking at the glory that is fashion week. I figure it is only appropriate to do multiple blog entries about it, seeing that this is my first fashion week as a blogger. And for heavens sake, I should atleast produce something productive from all the hours I've spent drooling over all of the new designs.

Marc Jacobs: I love everything about this line! The dresses are completely me, the dots are beautiful and the black and whites are perfect.
Anna Sui: I always love the blacks and grays, but sometimes a burst of color is refreshing and necessary.

Philip Lim: Love the tights, I'm so happy they have been in almost all the shows.

comfy, cozy, carefree

17 February 2009

Okay, well maybe the last one is not true, and I'm quite sure won't be until Spring Break. Anyhow, I put together this outfit for an uneventful tuesday. Oversized sweaters are the perfect cure for discomfort. Also, these shoes are incidently the perfect shoes to turn a drab outfit... fab? Did I just rhyme?

Moving on... I'm typically wearing flats when I have outfit posts during the week because honestly, who can wear heels walking around a college campus all day? Of course if I lived in a dream world I could wear 5 inch heels all day long and feel like I am walking on clouds all the way from the north side of campus to my dorm on the south. So if you are looking for class casual, I am your girl. :)
*Edit* I am so sorry I keep forgetting to post where all of my clothing is from! I'll try to fix this from now on.
Wearing: Thrifted Sweater, F21 stirrups, jacket and necklace, and secondhand shoes (no idea what brand they were)

It's The Most Wonderful Time of The year

No... not Christmas, New York Fashion Week! You might as well call it Fashion's Christmas.

Anyhow, here are a few of my picks so far. Oh the excitement! I think I check style sites about every two seconds for updates on the latest shows.

ADAM- I am in love with the coloring here. The bright pieces mixed with the simplicity of the blacks and grays is just perfect. Exactly my style. Also, the pants in this line are absolutely great. Also the long dress really caught my eye, and is becoming one of my new favorite additions to my wardrobe.

DVF- All I have to say is LAYERING. In the winter I am a layering fanatic. I basically tear up my closet every morning to find about 4 or 5 items that will look good piled on together for the sake of keeping warm, and for the sake of an aesthetically pleasing combination to my eye (and maybe everyone else).

Erin Fetherson- You just have to love the Alice in Wonderland feel of her line. It's like stepping right out of the movie in the best way possible.

More to come of my picks later this week! I have really enjoyed seeing other blogger's favorites, if you have any you'd like to show share, leave me a little note.

I heart trouser pants

15 February 2009

There is something about having a huge flower on your head that just makes the day better. And there is obviously something about trouser pants that make the day so much more comfortable. Trouser pants inspired by this Irina picture:

Anyway, I hope everyone had a lovely weekend, and I wish everyone luck to a new week.

In Drapes

12 February 2009

This entire outfit is so flowy I feel as if I could float away. Billowy skirts have seemed to lost their place in my wardrobe, and I plan to bring them back. Also, I'd like to integrate a maxi skirt/ dress into my wardrobe somehow. Just need to find a way to Bonnie-fy it.

Anyways, hope everyone is having a lovely week! Friday is almost here my dears, and when it is, I am going to celebrate. I had five tests this week, yes that is FIVE tests. So I hope your week has been better than mine. :)

Wearing: Roomie's vintage scarf; my vintage riding boots; target tights; free people tank; f21 skirt

Four Eyes Part II

10 February 2009

As a tribute to the entry two below, here are my favorite pair of glasses.

Size of half of my face: check.
Brilliant blue color: check.
Nerd-liscious: check!


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