Bow Made of Yarn

28 November 2011

Hopefully it is not apparent in these photos, but I have the worst cold ever
right now! My nose is basically identical to Rudolph's (thank goodness for
concealer), and my head feels like a bowling ball at all times. But oh well...
hopefully this means I am getting it out of the way and my immune system
will just become stronger! Anyways, it's not like I am actually sick, it is just
a cold so I went about my weekend as I normally would have. Of course I
bundled myself in cozy knits and this over-sized vintage top that Steffy from
Steffy's Pros & Cons gifted me for my birthday was just perfect to keep me

Anyways, I hope you all have a wonderful start to your week!


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wearing: top c/o Tea and Tulips Boutique; skirt c/o Romwe; sweater- F21; bag- ebay; bow- Nappington Etsy


27 November 2011

Thanks Instagram, for letting me document my life
thoughtfully and thoroughly.
The photos above are little snippets from my
life currently.
If you want to put a soundtrack to it, put on basically any
Simon & Garfunkel album and
their you have it. My Insta name is Bonniecakes. :)


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A touch of vintage

24 November 2011

Well first of all I hope each and every one of you (who celebrates) had a wonderful
Thanksgiving! Mine was great, and pretty relaxing which is basically I that I can ask
for. Slowly the Christmas decorations are coming out, and I am officially letting
myself listen to Christmas music. Anyways, instead of doing the whole 'Black
Friday' thing today, I am going to hit up some thrift stores and search for some
great vintage pieces as well. Much more therapeutic and fun, in my opinion. This
outfit here has little touches of vintage, like the belt, pink shirt, and shoes. I love
throwing a bit of vintage into the mix!

Well I hope you all have a lovely Friday! And good luck shopping if you are.

PS- In honor of this lovely time of year, everything in my shop is 15% off. Be sure
to check it out!


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wearing: Sweater c/o Romwe; BB Dakota skirt c/o LuLu's; top, belt & shoes- Vintage;
bag c/o VJ-Style

Romwe Thanksgiving Day giveaway!

First of all, Happy Thanksgiving!!! This is one of my favorite holidays because it means
that I can officially start getting into the Christmas spirit, indulge and not feel guilty
in pumpkin pie and stuffing, and spend the whole day with my lovely family. I have
officially started listening to Christmas tunes and I couldn't be happier! I literally don't
get sick of it ever... even working in retail during the holidays one year and listening
to it 24/7, there were no complaints from me. Anyways, stop me from babbling,
I have a lovely ThanksGIVING Giveaway for you all today!

Romwe is offering anyone of these haute couture coats, just in time for winter! The
rules are as simple as:

1.) Sign up at , and leave your e-mail info in a comment below
2.)Follow me on Bloglovin'
3.) Imagine yourself in one of these amazing coats, because they are so soft and
cozy! Proof here.

So good luck to everyone! Giveaway ends Dec. 1st. And once again, Happy

PS- In honor of this lovely time of year, everything in my shop is 15% off. Be sure
to check it out!


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Austin, TX

23 November 2011

Browsing at Waterloo Records, a super famous place where several of my fav
artists have played. Pretty cool too because my uncles used to play here in the 70's.

Beatles postcard from Waterloo. I couldn't resist!

Food trucks/trailers are literally everywhere in Austin, and I cannot get enough of 'em!

Met up super briefly with Diya from In Her Stilettos! She was super sweet.

Visited one of my favorite shops called Uncommon Objects. Store name is pretty
self-explanatory. They have the craziest stuff here.

More from the shop. I love all these globes!

Giant aloe vera plants are all around the town and I for some reason find
them fascinating!

Although I have been to Austin several times in my life (I have TONS of family there),
every time I go I feel like a bit of a tourist. There is just so much to see, and new
shops and such are always popping up every time I go. It was a super laid-back
weekend and here are a few photos that captured my trip! Sums it up basically.
If you haven't been here yet, I definitely suggest you make the trip :)

Well I hope you all have a lovely Thanksgiving Day tomorrow! I am going to
start making the pies tonight, yay.


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Cozy Sweater

21 November 2011

Basically, I have been living in this sweater as of late. It's definitely way, way
over-sized but that is what I love about it. This particular day was pretty
chilly this outfit was perfect for it. Also, these jean are amazingly comfy! They
are a LYCRA collab with Seven For All Mankind jeans, so they are super stretchy
and form-fitting. Perfect to pair with cozy sweaters like this on a winter day.

Anyways, I had such an amazing time in
Austin this weekend! Saw tons of family and got to visit my favorite shops as
well. My only complaint is that it was so hot! Even in November. That's
pretty much one of the only things discouraging me from moving there haha.
Hope you all had a lovely weekend as well. Austin Pictures to come soon!

PS- Be sure to check out my shop! Lots of winter-y goodies :)


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wearing: sweater c/o Romwe; Denim c/o 7 For All Mankind ; bag c/o VJ-style wedges c/o LuLu's


20 November 2011

Another lately//random post. A little peak into my life...

1.) Finally getting back to reading Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides. Drinking way too
much coffee
2.) Admiring the fact that the trees in Texas have finally succumbed to the fact that
it is Fall.
3.) Becoming a soup fanatic and dragging anyone and everyone with me to go
try new kinds. Pictured here: roasted red pepper.
4.) Going through old Polaroids.
5.) Cleaning out my closet. Keeping my favorites, being strong-willed about
the ones I still love but never wear and donating them.
6.) Hanging said Polaroids up on my wall.
7.) see #2
8.) Making fresh pomegranate juice from the ones in our garden. Way better than POM.

Hope you all are having a lovely Sunday!


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