Black & White Lace

31 October 2010

Goodness! The weather here is so fickle. One day freezing (literally),
the next I can't even wear a cardigan. Oh well, it is nice
to mix it up now and then. I hope everyone had a lovely
Halloween! Last night I went as Jackie O, and my boyfriend
went as an assassinated JFK. And the night before that I was
a groupie rocker chick, totally opposite from the normal
me. I even wore black eyeshadow.

Anyways... I cut this piece of lace when I was
making my Jackie O costume and decided it would be
the perfect touch to my normal messy braid.
I love little details!

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Shades of Green

29 October 2010

Yay! It is finally cold enough for this chunky
knit sweater jacket I purchased second-hand this
summer. I knew it was way too early for it, but I could
just envision myself living in it this winter. Also, I
woke up early this morning and took these photos,
and was blown away by the gorgeous lighting it brought
to photos! It's just so much easier to take photos in
the evening to allow myself to sleep in, but I think I
am going to do this more often!

Oh and this morning I spoke with my adviser about
next semester. Only FOUR more classes until
I graduate. Scary, but so so exciting. World, here I
come! One last piece of exciting news: I was chosen,
as Teen Vogue's Top 100 Bloggers to help launch
their new website, Fashion Click. The new way to browse
blogs. I am absolutely honored! Check it out here.

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wearing: thrifted sweater; H&M dress; f21 heels & knee-highs

lovely lace

27 October 2010

This past weekend I did one of my absolute favorite things.
Reveal all of my sweaters boxed up from last winter!
It is like Christmas. Somehow I always forget about an
item or two. Anyways, this embellished cardigan is
one of my most prized possession that I got from
London last year. It is so unique and I can pair it
with any ordinary thing and turn it to something fabulous.

Oh yes, and below is my first collage! I took most
of your advice and chose to play around with Picasa.
It really is alot of fun, and I came up with a few.
Here is another A/W inspiration collage:

You can never have enough style inspiration this time of year!

PS- I am FINALLY updating my blogroll. Any requests to be on
it let me know <3
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wearing: thrifted sweater & bag; Xhiliration dress; F21 shoes; hat from Shopnastygal

Feminine Edge

25 October 2010

Wow... I got these tights THREE days ago from F21,
and there are already so many runs in it! Oh well,
I have decided to incorporate it in my look and
rock them anyways. And to make it more my style,
I paired them with this feminine pearl studded sweater.
The little pearls are so delicate and girly! I just love it

Oh and for those who were wondering, the fashion
show was absolutely wonderful. There were
some great designs, and the hair and makeup
was so unique. I will post pictures as soon as
I get them sent to me.

Hope everyone is having a lovely start to your week!
And Happy Gossip Girl day.

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wearing: f21 sweater,skirt, tights; Gap jacket; shoes.

On a Search

24 October 2010

Mulberry Alexa Handbag

proenza schouler PS1 bag

Topshop Satchel

... for the perfect satchel that I can lug around
my giant camera in. The Proenza one would be just
perfect. I wish!


23 October 2010

My turband finally came in the mail! I am quite
sure I have never been so in love with a headpiece.
I paired it with this basic outfit, because sometimes
really all you need is a few good accessories. And of course,
my Topshop bag and shoes did not let me down either.
Well tonight I am going to model in a local fashion show,
where we will be modeling "wearable art". Which is one
of my true beliefs. Fashion=art.

Also, some have you have been asking if my hair is darker,
and why yes it is! A few weeks ago it was dyed for
said fashion show. I absolutely love it! If you
all did not know, I am half persian, so I am going
back to my natural shade.

Hehe well I hope everyone is having great weekend!

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wearing: Nastygal turband; f21 top; BDG pants; Topshop bag & shoes

Going to New Lenghts

20 October 2010

Ah! I should really be studying right now rather than blogging,
but I finally got my new lens, and just had to experiment with it!
For those who are wondering, it is a Canon 50mm f/1.8 lens.
Oh, It was love at first sight. On another note,
I am having such fun playing with new hemlines on
skirts and dresses! It is so much fun to layer with, and it
really makes sitting/walking in the wind much easier. In fact,
I quite like it when I am wearing a flowy skirt and it is windy.
The dramatic movement of the fabric is a fun way to
walk around town. Plus the pattern of this one is to die

Happy middle of the week, loves! Cannot wait until
the weekend.

PS- special thanks to my lovely roommate, Laura, for
helping improve my blog and helping me with outfit
photos. You.rock.a.lot.

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18 October 2010

Just beautiful. Everywhere I turn, trees once bright
green are now various shades of a gorgeous sunset.
Inpiration everywhere! Below are some pictures
I took of fall on film. One of my favorite combinations!

Another lovely combination I have discovered...
wide-brimmed hats and polished loafers. I scored
shoes this weekend while thrifting, and I must
say I am quite happy with the find.

I hope everyone is having a lovely week. With beauty
surrounding me like this, I know I am.

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15 October 2010

10 things that make me happy:

1.)running into old friends and seeing that they are doing very well.
2.)Waking up in the morning after being sick for a few days
feeling refreshed and healthy
3.) Making the perfect on-the-go playlist, and rediscovering it
months later
4.) Black velvet coffee
5.) the excitement of waiting for a roll of film to develop
6.) The winter day I leave the house and realize I have to go
back in and get a coat
7.)long drives with lovely people
8.) collections
9.)phone calls instead of texts
10.)creating something; anything.

What makes you happy?
Hope everyone has a lovely weekend. :)

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Feminine Grunge

11 October 2010

Well thanks to this fickle weather, I was able to pull
out my green anorak the other day! I am so excited to layer
this piece and pair it with all of the girly/feminine pieces
in my closet (like this Topshop dress- it is my absolute favorite).
Yes, it is surely a go-to piece for me. I can
see myself layering tons of knits underneath it on dead
cold days. Plus, it is perfect for rainy days, as it is waterproof.

What is your go-to piece this fall?

By the way, I am loving my record player
way too much. I already have collected 4 new ones;
Janis Joplin, Fleet Foxes, Abba, and Chicago. Anyone
know of any an amazing record store I need to
hit up in my life time?

Oh! And if you have not added me yet on bloglovin',
I would be absolutely thrilled! I am finally being
active on the thing. It really is quite great.
Hope everyone is having a lovely week!

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wearing: BDG anorak, Topshop dress; vintage shoes & bag

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