I want it, I need it

30 March 2009

Christian Lacroix Fall 2009 RTW

What a perfect thing to look at on a Monday morning. I think I just may be in love. White & silver, embellished dots, gold chain. This bag was made for me, dears!

I totally apologize for the delayed response to all of your lovely messages. I am having the most busy/stressful/no time to breath start to the week ever. Between getting multiple cups of coffee and earl gray tea, studying like a mad woman, and trips to the fabric store there has been little time for blogging. I have an economics test tonight and a textiles test tomorrow. Oh the life of a fashion student. Wish me luck!

I <3 Denim

28 March 2009

When I found this light denim jacket at Nordstrom's for sale I instantly fell in love with it. I've been pairing it with many dresses and bright skirts since. Anyways, these pictures were taken yesterday when it was 50 perfect degrees outside. Now it is snowing! Oh, the weather is a funny thing.

I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend! I am spending my Saturday afternoon watching Gossip Girl season 1, dreaming about NYC, and filling out forms for school in London. So, so much to look forward to!

PS- If you have not yet, I would really love if you'd add me on bloglovin'! :)

Wearing: Hot kiss denim jacket; Secondhand dress; f21 bag, tights.

All things girly

27 March 2009

I cannot deny it. am a true girly girl at heart. Love stories, hair bows, jewels, tea parties, lipstick- cheesy as it sounds, I love it all. I think that personal style is directly represented by people's interests, hobbies and outlook on life. It continues to amaze me and inspire me of how different this is from one individual to another.

On a side note: today I had a meeting about this west coast study tour where we will be visiting Los Angelous and San Francisco. I have been beyond stoked about this trip, but the meeting today really got me excited. Especially once I found out that a trip to the American Apparel factory will be in store. I can't wait to see firsthand how the production works.

Everybody needs an ugly sweater

25 March 2009

As I suspected, it has gotten very cold, once again. Honestly, I am completely okay with this. I do not think my winter clothing have been able to be used to their full potential in such a short amount of time. Plus, there is nothing better than putting on your favorite ugly sweater.

PS- My current camera is completely falling apart. I will be getting a new digital one soon, 400$ or less. Any suggestions?

Wearing: Jenny Yuen 'Gia' bag; secondhand Dress; thrifted vintage sweater; Payless fioni booties; Walmart tights.

So so windy!

23 March 2009

Oh my was today the most windy day! What an awful day it was to wear this skirt. On the bright side, this tank is actually a romper, so I was safe on not mooning anyone. Anyways, this well is near my campus and I have always been in awe of it. It lies alone in an empty now turning green field. today my boyfriend accompanied me to take these shots here!

Wearing: f21 romper, cuff; bag from Nordstrom; AA headband; thrifted cardi.

Life is so much better...

22 March 2009

...with wonderful tights! My tights to the left are by Hue, and my friend's to the right are by free people.

PS: I totally apologize about being awful about responding to comments. My week has been so crazy but it should get way better tomorrow.

topshop spring summer 2009

21 March 2009

Because I can't stop thinking about my semester in London this all, here are a few of my favorite styling of pieces from topshop s/s 2009. I imagine I will go mad when encroaching my first topshop experience.

My Floppy Hat

18 March 2009

I have finally purchased my floppy hat! I was totally planning on getting the AA wool hat, but I found this one for half the price, and I like it much better too. It used to be 100.oo$ but I got it for only 29.00$. I love a good steal! And of course here is a new acid wash piece I bought. I told you guys... I really took a break from my shopping ban.

Oh and from here on out, if you all have any questions I will try to answer them on my comments pages. I am so forgetful about responding sometimes.

wearing: Ophelie hat; f21 jeans, tank; Charlotte Russe platforms.

Lazy day

17 March 2009

Today was nothing short of perfect for a spring break day. I lounged in the sun with my best friend, just catching up from being away in college. I'm somewhat working on my tan from last year but at the same time not really worrying about it.

Anyways, as of late I have been obsessed with acid wash! I have a few more items I can't wait to post, but this simple tank is definitely one of my favorites. Oh and this whole week I will be in summery clothes because in texas right now, it might as well be summer.

Oh by the way, this beautiful tree is right in my backyard. This picture was not photo-shopped or anything!

Wearing: f21 skirt, tank, shoes; thrifted sunglasses & clutch

cuff DIY

Say hello to my new cuff! It used to actually be bangles, but I used fishing line to link them all together to make a cuff. I can see myself pairing it with the most girly of things, especially summery floral dresses.

Bracelet from f21

Party, Party

It's time to go out! I think Alexa will be my inspiration.

Photo cred: tfs

Criss Cross Apple Sauce

15 March 2009

It seems I forgot how beautiful Texas is in the spring. The flowers are already in bloom, the grass is beginning to get greener, and the trees are forming their canopies. And another great thing about it, is that the weather permits the use of tank tops! Oh how I missed them.

Those of you who know I have been on a shopping ban (pretty much since I started this blog), I have finally broke it. I feel kind of ashamed, but I had such success that I am rewarding myself by allowing some summer shopping. During my shopping I found these amazing tights on sale at f21 for only 3 dollars! I got a few other goodies, that I cannot wait to post.

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend!

wearing: f21 shirt as dress, tights, ankle boots

Jeans + Lamè

13 March 2009

This jean jacket plus my lame leggings is my new favorite combination for the spring. The jacket is perfect for breezy but not hot days, and lame leggings are just... well awesome. I can see myself pairing these two with my favorite floral dresses. 

PS- I had to seriously refrain from wearing some type of hair accessory in my hair today. I was so close to putting in a bow, but then I thought to myself, I really don't want to become "thing-in-her-hair" girl. 

wearing: F21 leggings & clutch; thrifted button up; Jean jacket from Nordstrom's

It's finally here

Oh spring break, you could not have came any sooner. I'm ready for the most carefree week. All I packed is shorts, tanks, dresses and skirts. Texas I am coming home to you!

Cold Again

11 March 2009

Wow! There has been a sudden change in the weather and it is back to freezing again. The bi-polar weather is bothersome, but I can't say I'm not happy to have some more time to wear coats.

I decided to make these gray tights into knee-highs. I hardly wear them anyways, so I figured that even if I ruined them it would be okay. To make them stay up I used elastic hair ties around my legs and just folded over the excess fabric so that you cannot see them. I found it worked quite well. Oh and if this bow looks familiar, it is the one that I normally use in my hair :)
**EDIT** I somehow deleted my blog roll, so I am making a new one. If you would like me to link you, please please let me know! :)

Simplicity is Best

09 March 2009

Today I was in a very laid back mood, and just wanted to wear something simple. Almost no accessories, and just something comfortable. What better colors to wear on a day like this than grey and white? 

Hope everyone is having a lovely start to their week! Countdown to my spring break next week starts now.

Wearing: f21 pants & suspenders, sunglasses; thrifted white shirt

Behold: Balmain Ready-to-wear 2009

No surprise that this is one of my top favorites for Fall 2009! I am left impressed and in awe yet again. Also, it's such a treat to see these pieces my favorite models Natasha & Erin. The dresses were amazing, but I would have to say that the two-piece sets absolutely blew me away.

Also, I would really, really love it if you would follow me on bloglovin'! This blogger thing is pretty much still new to me, so I would really appreciate it.

Feeling out of the ordinary

07 March 2009

There's something about my mood as of late which has been inspiring me to wear lighter colors. Of course I still must wear some darks, like my tights, but overall I have been so bright! We'll see how long this lasts. For now I'm just enjoying the colors.

Now excuse me, I must go watch Amelie! Have a lovely Saturday :)

Wearing: thrifted sandals, clutch; f21 dress, necklaces; Ophelie hat;

I'm ready

... for summer. A nice break from school, and weather to wear clothes like this everyday.

Have a wonderful friday, loves!

First Feelings of Spring

05 March 2009

Today is officially the first day that felt like spring weather. I'm not quite ready to part with the cold weather yet, but this warmth was a nice surprise! I busted out the favorite florals and let my hair down in the wind. Speaking of hair I dyed it a tad darker (which is more my natural color). Natural is totally the way to go.

This has been the busiest week ever, so I apologize if I have not been responding to comments! Once the weekend comes and I can finally breath, I will be much better.

Wearing: f21 skirt, tights; Jenny Yuen 'gia' bag; Charlotte Russe shirt

I Like I Like!

04 March 2009

Well, Since I have been the world's worst blogger as of late, and have had absolutely no time for outfit postings, here is a little list of a few things I love. Thinking of these pretty things is what gets me through a busy day like today! Hope everyone is having a lovely week, and hope you enjoy these random bits about me.


Hello Kitty anything! The Hello Kitty MAC collection is my latest obsession.


She & Him. Zooey's voice is amazing and he is a genius.

Ringpops! One of the only things I spend money on these days

Even though I cannot understand a thing, this is my absolute favorite magazine. I cannot even tell you how many clippings I save from it.


Audrey the great!

Carnations. My mom and I's favorite flower, and the first one's I ever remember having a love for.


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